Delivering innovative solutions to protect what matters to you.

Established in 2005, ETG Systems is one of the earliest adopters of integrated systems, successfully utilizing network based hardware and server based software applications.

Our Mission

In times of uncertainty, security is all the more important.

ETG Systems specializes in high up-time solutions, whether it is a fire alarm detection and voice evacuation/notification for a high-rise hotel; a burglar, intrusion and panic alarm system for a museum; an access control system for a large school district; surveillance for an agricultural complex; or clean agent fire suppression system for your datacenter – all of our systems are designed and installed with the highest quality components to maximize system reliability, redundancy and fault-tolerance. Rest assured, our systems will be there, protecting what matters to you – your high value assets.

ETG believes in the values of personal relationships between clients and team members – as such, a client at ETG will always have a single, dedicated point of contact who will walk with you through sales, design, installation, project management and support. Utilizing this approach, the customer will always know who to contact, ask questions, hold accountable and to praise! We maximize efficiency and speed up the process by having a dedicated account manager who understand your needs, concerns, scheduling, budget constraints and worksite parameters. The account manager provides all quotes, works intimately with the design team, acquires permits, schedules manpower and inspections, assists in systems turn-on and commissioning, and answers the call for service – your personal solutions provider!


Aurora Public Schools

Summer 2009 – Today

As low-voltage contractors for the disctrict, we have completed a wide variety of projects, including CCTV, access control, burglar alarm, fire alarm, PA systems and CATV distribution, just to name a few. Our role does not stop at sales and installation, but rather it extends into consulting, design and support provided largely bona fide.

Our major contract for the district involved the expansion of the CCTV systems of all Middle Schools and High Schools, for which we added several hundred cameras and a multitude Hybrid Digital Video Recorders. The amount of hours available for the project was limited, but nevertheless, we completed it on time and within budget, exceeding all criteria in regards to installation and performance.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Fall 2009 – Today

ETG Systems has provided support for the governmental branch of the Southern Ute Indian tribe for many years, installing numerous systems throughout the campus, including IP Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion and Panic Alarms. The tribe’s high standards have been met with successful on-time deployments, including the new Cultural Center and Museum built in 2010. We have since installed many more systems in various campus facilities, including the main office buildings, tribal chambers, justice center, shipping and receiving, educational facilities, health clinics and fitness centers.

The systems are fully integrated, providing for countless automated processes, common event logging, command and control from a single interface, expeditious event investigations and case management, streamlined dispatch operations and many other benefits, enabling the Tribe to utilize the systems without additional personnel, training and multiple departments.

Plains End II Power Plant

Spring, 2009

The Plains End Power Plant is a natural gas power generation station that supplies power to the metro area and surrounding communities. Our job entailed the design and installation of a fire alarm system, a natural gas detection system and a clean agent fire suppression system, all in rigid conduits and in an explosion-proof environment. The Fire alarm system and clean agent releasing panel where a Cheetah Xi system, manufactured by world-renowned Fike Corporation. The gas detection system was provided by Scott Instruments.

Our services include:

  • The initial phase of any project involves reaching out to industry veterans and drawing from their experience, to learn from past mistakes and innovate the future. As part of our consulting service, we identify the project parameters, local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), critical elements, possible threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We work with the Architects and MEP engineers to develop the best strategy, the best solutions and the highest degree of security to fit the budget. Utilizing historical data and industry best-practices, we lay out the requirements of the systems and make sure they are met throughout the installation process.
  • The most essential aspect of any project is proper budgeting and financial expectations. Utilizing our deep industry channels, we work with our clients to budget and prepare for the future, whether that’s a one-time project or reoccurring costs for service, maintenance and upgrades. We can identify cost saving measures and present the best solutions that will meet and/or exceed requirements.
  • We utilize the latest AutoCAD versions to create shop drawings of unmatched detail, quality and accuracy, enabling us to identify areas of concern and propose alternatives prior to project start. Our rigorous dedication to high quality engineered shop drawings stems from the belief that proper prior planning prevents poor performance.
  • Scheduling, coordination, manpower management and communication are all part of a successful project. We utilize new technologies and software platforms to streamline our processes and deliver quality services in a timely manner, increasing efficiencies and coordination leading to a successful project.
  • Our installation crews are dedicated to excellence and quality workmanship. Beginning with the first year apprentices all the way to seasoned veterans, we all strive to perform according to industry best practices, going above and beyond without cutting corners. As an electrical contractor in many States across the United States, ETG employees and subcontractors are held to a high degree of craftsmanship, looking to meet regulations and code compliance continuously.
  • We perform rigorous system testing to insure proper operation of all systems, components, ancillary devices and control panels. The most vital component of any system is the custom programming performed by the installers, as such we focus relentlessly on testing the various aspects and programming sequences, ensuring a proper system for many years to come.
  • Our service technicians are focused on systems maintenance and inspections, periodic tests and service. Trained on a variety of manufacturer’s systems, they are able to investigate and diagnose a multitude of faults in a short amount of time. Additionally, they are cross-trained in new installation as well, ensuring a quality service department and the ability to identify non-compliance and code issues, proactively safeguarding the system performance.
    • Having unrestricted access to the monitoring facilities and able to proactively handle events allows us to understand the needs of your enterprise and provide service in a timely manner. Our monitoring station handles all calls for fire, security, PERS, elevator, Emergency 2-way communication systems and many others. Our rates are very competitive and we are able to seamlessly expand as your business grows.

The following vertical markets:

  • Educational

  • Government

  • Telecom and Datacenters

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

Systems we work with:


Surveillance systems are essential to live monitoring and incident investigations in the Complete Asset Protection Solution. Utilizing surveillance cameras located in strategic areas of your facility, the central recording appliance is at the core of the system.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the systems, we utilize multiple camera types, lenses and technologies to recognize, identify and make aware of situations. Integrated with video analytics algorithms, certain Surveillance systems are capable of alerting of possible crimes before they take place, notifying dispatchers and stakeholders of a possible incident.

Rest Assured – there’s a watchful eye over your facility, should a crime occur, be identified and recorded, the evidence will be there, protecting your high value assets. *


Access Control systems are the first line of defense and management. Utilizing various types of identification, all personnel, employees, visitors, contractors or others, will be restricted to areas as required, during certain time periods. All access can be logged and tracked, utilized as time and attendance, or notifying of unauthorized entry requests.

As a primary layer of the Complete Asset Protection Solution, the Access Control system will act in unison with the surveillance systems to monitor, control, alert and record events, providing total control of the entry and exit points.

Rest Assured – access is monitored, logged, controlled and recorded continuously, protecting your high value assets.*


As the name implies, these systems detect unauthorized entry and critical conditions. As a vital layer in the Complete Asset Protection Solution, these systems utilize various technologies to detect motion, open doors, environmental conditions, shock and vibration events and hold-up/panic events.

Centrally located, the main control panel performs all detection and control functions utilizing wired or wireless sensors, as well as off-site notification and dispatch. Integrated with the Access Control, Surveillance and Fire Alarm systems, the intrusion detection is the redundant layer of protection of your high value assets.

Rest Assured – should an intrusion or panic event take place and be detected, responsible parties will be notified and action will take place, protecting your high value assets.*

*The above statements do not provide a guarantee, implied or otherwise, of detection, activation, recording, suppression, or performing other functions as designed, implied, indicated, expected or else.


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