Although we strive to sell the highest quality products, install with the best industry practices, service and maintain your systems in optimal working conditions, there are many factors outside of our control that prohibit us from guaranteeing functionality, even in the most obvious conditions.

WE ARE NOT OFFERING A GUARANTEE THAT THE SYSTEMS WILL PERFORM AS INDICATED. With proper design, engineering, installation and maintenance, the chances of successful detection and activation are maximized. If agreed upon in writing, we will monitor your systems and notify of abnormal conditions, faults and other factors that can be monitored.

Our test, maintenance and inspection programs are designed to verify operation of devices at the time of the inspection, and the operation of said devices is dependent of many factors, including facility conditions, weather, electrical faults, human errors, alterations and others.

Our Rest Assured message DOES NOT GUARANTEE total protection and 100% uptime, as there are many unforeseen conditions and factors that may play a key role in any incident.