Traditional Alarm and Camera Systems Provide Limited Protection and are Prone to Faults

Alarm systems notify when it’s too late, after the break-in has occurred, and usually it’s a false alarm. CCTV cameras are only looked at after an event took place, hoping the incident is on camera, only to find out the camera was offline for a while. If cost was not an issue, your facility would be watched over by a security officer, paying close attention to the cameras and alarm systems at your facility, ensuring operations, safety and security. However, such costs are difficult to justify for many businesses.


Average cost of a Nightly Security Guard.


Average cost of a break-in for a small business

3.5 minutes

Average police response to video-verified alarms

45 minutes

Police response time to an un-verified event, typical alarm

94% – 98%

% of alarms that are false activations


% of cameras compromised at any given time such as out-of-focus, obstructed or disconnected


Average number of false alarm activations per location,

Including invalid PIN code entries


Average number of perimeter alerts in populated areas after-hours activity


Average number of times an alarm system fails to be armed, per year

False Alarms

Real Alarms

Talk Down

Advanced Video Monitoring Services (AVMS)

ETG Systems has a solution for business of all sizes, offering corporate-level security on an affordable, monthly plan that increases efficiency, compliance with regulations and overall security of your high value assets.

Economic solution

Compared to traditional on-site security guards, our solutions are more efficient and a fraction of the cost.

High security

Small and Medium sized businesses are now able to afford real-time security measures similar to large corporate or government facilities.

Real time protection

Offered on a Security-as-a-Service model, our Security Operations Center software and operators perform live actions including detection, deterrence, verification, notification and other services, ensuring the safety and security of your high value assets.

We promise that our Advanced Video Monitoring services will reduce, even eliminate, false alarms, vandalism, unauthorized access, break-ins, and losses, while being the most cost-effective real-time security solution available. It will improve police/fire/EMS response time, increase safety, compliance and security in ways that traditional systems can’t.

All Service Levels offered come with the following features included:

  • Live Video verification of alarms

    Upon receipt of an alarm, a surveillance operator visually assesses the situation on site to determine if a police response is warranted.
    False alarms avoid unnecessary police dispatch, while real alarms are verified and receive the highest police response time. In many jurisdictions this service is required prior to any type of police response.

  • Daily camera checks

    Operators checks the status of cameras on a daily basis, verifying if cameras are operational or if camera views have been compromised.

  • Failure to arm notifications

    Failure of an alarm system to be “set” or “armed” by the last building occupant will render the facility “unprotected” and any potential intruders would go undetected. Should your alarm system not be armed by a certain time period, our operators will be alerted, visually verifying the site and notifying you of the event. Operators would then perform random checks throughout the night until the system is set.

  • Extra benefits:

    • All cameras are backed up to the cloud for critical evidence retention in case of catastrophic failures
    • Discounted rates available for Basic Alarm monitoring
    • Discounted rates available for Tech Service and other Remote Support

      • Our patent-pending CloudConnector hardware and software works with any type of alarm and/or camera system.
      • Up and running in as little as 15 minutes
      • No need to switch current service providers (unless you want to) – keep existing alarm monitoring contracts and CCTV vendors
      • Professional setup fees include full site surveys, test and inspection to ensure your systems are operational.
      • ETG owned connection hardware, such as connection boxes and speakers, are rented to the client and maintained at no cost for the duration of the service.

Additional features available

such as


Should your employees identify suspicious activity on site, but are unable to push the panic button, they can request the attention of a remote surveillance operator in real-time to maintain visual for a time period.

talk-down speakers

ETG’s operators will remotely talk down to intruders and anyone loitering, urging them to leave the premises, potentially avoiding losses altogether

perimeter alarms

Early warning of potential intruders approaching, or detection of unwanted suspicious activity occurring outside your facility


Managed Access Control Systems allow for remote locking and unlocking of doors, audit trails for all personnel and access, all while removing physical keys from employees

quality control monitoring

Surveillance Operators perform random checks on operations, ensuring adherence to standards and preset guidelines


Surveillance Operators perform random checks on retail operators looking for suspicious behavior that may indicate theft or other potential losses


Surveillance Operators remotely verify employee adherence to rules, regulations and other compliance concerns identified by management team

video analytics

Utilizing existing cameras on site, our system can detect certain types of activity, such as line crossing, loitering, invalid object entering area, and others.


Reduce guard costs by only using one guard, while using our services as the backup. Provide remote coverage for workers in high-risk situations.


Surveillance Operators visually escort personnel as they open or close the building, ensuring no-one is forced to enter under duress or accosted in the parking lot


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