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ETG Systems specializes in high up-time solutions, providing fire alarm detection, burglary and intrusion systems, access control, surveillance, and clean agent fire suppression systems with top-quality components to ensure maximum reliability, redundancy, and fault-tolerance across various industries.

  • Consultation

    In the project's start, we tap industry veterans' experience, identify key parameters, work with architects and engineers, and devise secure solutions within budget constraints.

  • Design

    In the project's outset, we engage industry veterans to learn from their experience, identify key project parameters, work with architects and engineers, and develop secure solutions within budget constraints.

  • Installation

    From first-year apprentices to seasoned veterans, our installation crews uphold excellence and quality workmanship, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory standards across multiple states in the US.

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Our CCTV service offers comprehensive surveillance solutions tailored to your needs, providing advanced monitoring and recording capabilities for enhanced security. With cutting-edge technology and expert installation, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance to safeguard your property effectively.

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Access Control/Intrusion Detection

Unveil the pinnacle of security with ETG Systems' Access Control and Intrusion Detection solutions. Our bespoke systems grant authorized access while swiftly identifying and neutralizing potential threats. Through seamless integration and proactive surveillance, we elevate safety standards, ensuring unparalleled protection for your premises.

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Structured Cabling/DATA

Welcome to the forefront of connectivity with ETG Systems' Structured Cabling department. Our tailored solutions provide reliable and efficient networking infrastructure to meet your specific needs. With meticulous design and installation, we ensure seamless data transmission and optimal performance, setting the foundation for your technological success.

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Fire Alarm/Suppression

Step into safety excellence with ETG Systems' Fire Alarm and Suppression division. Our bespoke solutions deliver advanced fire detection and suppression systems tailored to your unique requirements. With precision engineering and installation, we ensure swift response and effective mitigation, safeguarding lives and property. Trust ETG Systems for unparalleled fire safety solutions, setting the standard for protection in any environment.

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Enter the realm of electrifying innovation with ETG Systems' Electric Division. Our customized solutions offer cutting-edge electrical installations tailored to your specific needs. With meticulous planning and expert execution, we deliver reliable power distribution and efficient energy management, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your facility. Trust ETG Systems to illuminate your path to electrical excellence.

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Door Hardware/Locksmith

Embark on a journey of security refinement with ETG Systems' Door Hardware and Locksmith division. Our bespoke solutions provide expertly crafted door hardware and locksmith services tailored to your unique requirements. With precision engineering and attention to detail, we ensure seamless access control and unparalleled security for your premises. Trust ETG Systems for unmatched expertise in safeguarding your space.

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Our Mission

To Provide Our Clients With Peace-of-Mind In Turbulent Times

With a steadfast focus on safeguarding your high value assets, we provide the highest quality innovative solutions, starting with the consulting phase, through design, installation and beyond - so you can Rest Assured

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